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by Syamarani dasi

[This painting, entitled, "Krsna Disguised as a Girl Singer" is one of four pranks described in the book entitled, "Camat-kar-candrika (A Moonbeam of Sheer Astonishment) by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura. Below is a short description of this humorous prank performed by Lord Sri Krsna, in His endeavor to meet with and please Srimati Radharani:]

One day, in Her divine pastimes, Srimati Radharani was pouting in such a greatly proud mood that Sri Krsna could not do anything at all to pacify Her. He tried various methods, but no attempt was successful. He therefore consulted with His cousin Kundalata, and together they devised a plan. Sri Krsna would dress up with the clothing and ornaments of a beautiful young girl, and then they would both to go to the home of Srimati Radharani.

Srimati Radharani became charmed when she saw the uncommonly beautiful young girl accompanying Kundalata, and asked her, "Come, come. Tell Me why have you suddenly arrived at this unusual time of the evening? And who is your companion, this beautiful young girl? Where has she come from? And what is her name? Kindly tell Me everything."

Kunda-lata replied, "My dear Radhe! Her name is Kalavati, the artful maiden. She heard all about Your divine holy name, Your divine qualities and Your glorious fame, and she has now come from Mathura just to have your audience. Her singing and musical
abilities are so highly developed that she can conquer even the celestial songs of Brhaspati, the celebrated poet. What more can I say? You should now hear her sing, and thus become a witness of her incredible artistry. She has learned singing from Brhaspati, the guru of Indra, the King of the Demigods. Brhaspati thus instructed this girl in the classical arts of music during the period of his stay for one month in Mathura. Thereafter, when the time came for his return back to the heavenly planets, he took her along to the world of the celestials and gave her more instructions in Gandharva-vidya for a whole year. She has returned to Mathura on the surface of the Earth just yesterday, and she has come here to Vraja just now at dusk. So here she is right before Your very eyes; now You may examine her abilities and good qualities."

Srimati Radharani then asked Kalavati to sing a song in a difficult evening tune. Kalavati then began to sing in a beautiful voice, putting to shame the sweet notes of the peacocks and bees. Torrents of tears thus began to flow from the eyes of Radharani and Her girlfriends, like so many flowing rivers.

Radharani was so enchanted by Kalavati's singing that She personally decorated Kalavati with Her own beautiful gold and jeweled locket. Much joking then ensued between Srimati Radharani, Her friends and Sri Krsna.

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